• I have a group of friends who all want to stay together in the same cabin.  Is that possible?---
    • Absolutely! We try to get a whole group into one cabin if possible .  Most of the time everyone can fit in one cabin but sometimes there isnt room for everyone in one cabin and we have to put some in a nearby cabiin
  • Is it possible for me to have a cabin or room to myself? - ---- Generally all rooms have at least two beds and they both will be filled.  All prices are based on double occupancy.  There are a lodge rooms that are two room suites with a shared bathroom and you may request that if it is available.  Please contact the Host before reserving.
  • .  Couples are assigned to a lodge room or cabin room that will have a single bed (queen or king).  Cabin Rooms are not  usually assigned however please be respectful and realize you will need to share with another person. 
  • Are there scholarship opportunities?
    • There are some limited scholarship opportunities and the group has decided that it is a 50%  scholarship paid prior to the weekend start, provide service work to the group and host on friday afternoon and early evening,, be in your first 18 months of recovery (aa/ alanon/na/oa/ca/sa...) and express financial need. Contact the Host for more information.
  • We would like to come up a day early on Thursday night and stay at the ranch...is that possible and how do I do it?  Yes! Quite a few people have taken advantage of the chance to make it a 4 day weekend in this amazing place!  You will need to contact deer valley ranch directly for the pricing and availability. www.deervalleyranch.com   719-395-2353
  • Will I have to share a bed with someone?  NO!  There are some rooms that have bunk-beds but we only use the bottom bed as a twin type bed.  Most beds are twins or fulls or queens.  Some couples rooms have a large queen or king.  
  • Is the ranch able to handle certain dietary requests?  
    • ​The ranch has given us the option of either a regular ranch meals or vegetarian.  
    • ​This is from Deer Valley Ranch: 
      "We are not set up like a restaurant so advance notification is very important. There will be no extra charge for those requesting Vegetarian meal options.  We will NOT, however, be able to accommodate a vegetarian diet in combination with anything else such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Celiac’s, or any food allergies. We can only meet the Vegetarian needs of individuals.  Also we cannot accommodate Vegans.  
      If it would help those with any dietary restrictions other than vegetarian know how to plan and what food to bring to supplement, we can provide a menu in advance.  If so, we need to know by what date you need that menu to share with your registrants."

  • What do I need to bring with me?
    • bedding, towels and all that stuff are provided.  The lodge has a coffee maker and some refrigerator space if you would like. and the lodge rooms all have private bathroom but the cabins have shared bathrooms. There are coffee makers in the cabins but you may want to bring snacks with you. 
  • Is there a difference between Lodge rooms and Cabins?  The Lodge rooms are all Large  rooms with two beds some are suites with private bedrooms.  They each have a beautiful private bathroom and shower.  There is coffee, tea and snacks in the main lodge room as well as a large wood burning fireplace and cozy sitting areas and very large deck area with comfortable seating and views of the mountains and chalk cliffs.  Many people request a lodge room as there is less walking and a very comfortable atmosphere.  The cabins are all shared and they vary in layout.  Some are as much as 200 yards from the main lodge and the terrain is NOT flat!  The hills are pretty steep in some areas. 
  • Why cant I request a specific cabin and be sure to get it?  We are required by our contract with Deer Valley Ranch to Fill the Lodge Rooms first and then fill the cabins that they release to us (not all the cabins will be available to us)  and this is often very easy to do but sometimes we cannot get people into the requested cabin or even a specific lodge room.... and they may share a room in the Lodge or be put into a different Cabin.  This is why we ask that you Easy Does it. 
  • I dont have a CC or Debit Card and would like to pay by money order or Check, can I do that?
    • Yes, we will still accept mail in reservations .  please include a number we can reach you at to confirm your reservation.   Please be sure to mail your reservation at least 5 days in advance.  Please be aware we sell out quickly so the earlier you register the better. You will need to contact the Host by calling the number on the flyer or emailing at www.easydoesitgroup@outlook.com

Easy Does it Weekend