Easy Does it Weekend


Breaking NEWS.

We are Excited to Announce that as of 4/6/16 We have

SOLD OUT for Spring 2016!  We wish we could have accomodated Every one who wanted to come and We look forward to seeing Everyone in October!!!!

An Amazing Spiritual Weekend for

AA's and Alanon's


Taking time away from the stress and pressures of life, members of the Easy Does it Group take time to reflect on the amazing journey of recovery and to learn to "grow in understanding and effectiveness".

 Located in the Shadow of 14,000 ft Mt. Princeton and  soaring Chalk Cliff's, the Easy Does It Group and their weekend getaways have strengthened and provided much needed relaxation and fellowship for AA's and Alanon's for more than 35 years.  Members of this unique fellowship spend their weekend in laughter, solitude, hiking, biking, fly fishing, soaking in the many nearby natural Hot springs and Spas but what we really do is learn to practice ....."Easy Does it"!



Twice a year, in the spring and fall, AA's and Alanon's have gathered together in fellowship to continue to "Improve our Conscious Contact with God, as we understand him".  and to "Easy Does it!".


Easy Does It Weekend

79th easy does it weekend

in the heart of the Rockies

Friday April 29th to May 1st